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Bariatric Air Fryer Cookbook: 1500 Days of Tasty and Effortless Recipes - The Ultimate Collection
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Bariatric Air Fryer Cookbook: 1500 Days of Tasty and Effortless Recipes - The Ultimate Collection

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Are you in search of a complete meal plan post-Bariatric surgery?

You will find nutritional values, preparation times, and proportions to suit the requirements of bariatric patients looking to lose weight with over 600 fast and simple recipes for preparing tasty low-carb, low-calorie meals without compromising on taste.

After the first two stages, when you won't be able to eat anything solid, phases three and four begin, and this cookbook will make all the difference!

Stage 3 is when you introduce soft solid foods; 
you will most likely be weary and unwilling to prepare. I know because I've been there. This book will help you avoid wasting time and money trying cuisine that you will fail at, causing undue stress and a loss of drive. I have already sorted all the legwork for you.

⭐ This book gives 1500 days of recipes that will help you in all four phases of Bariatric surgery. ⭐

Remember: The secret to a successful bariatric surgery is your dedication to eating habits.

Let's take a look at what you will find inside the book:

  • An Introduction to Bariatric Diet: Understand the beginnings of bariatric surgery, its procedure, and the basics of the diet you have to observe.

  • Food To Eat and Avoid

  • Air Fryer Tips and Tricks to make your food delicious and healthful in a few simple steps

  • The 5-Day Gastric Sleeve Pouch Reset: What should you do if your weight loss stalls or you gain weight? The strategy to start losing weight again and get back on track

  • 1500 Days of Tasty and Easy Recipes. The miracle of an air fryer and how it transforms all of your foods into something yummy and delectable

  • Nutritional information to assist you in keeping track of your diet. Perfect for Phases 3 and 4, when you eat more solid foods.

  • Conversion Tables

  • A 30 Days Meal Plan designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle over time and lose weight.

  • SPECIAL BONUS: 80+ Liquid Recipes suitable for 1st and 2nd phases to get started after surgery in the best possible way

  • ...and much more

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